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Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Authorized Users

The HMRC HRA Questionnaire and Profile are available to you from HMRC Groups in cooperation with the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center. There is no charge to you for this completely confidential service!

What is the Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire?

This free and confidential health survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. A personal report will be generated, identifying lifestyle behaviors to maintain or improve your health. Even a small change, such as walking every day for 30 minutes, can greatly help your health.

Participate if you want to know how to ...

  • ... improve your quality of life.
  • ... prevent future personal health problems.
  • ... be healthier.
  • ... gain an understanding of the impact of daily lifestyle choices on future health.

Or, are you curious about:

  • How much exercise is enough?
  • What is a healthy weight range for me?
  • What can I do to help prevent heart attack, stroke, or cancer?

The Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire is for:

  • Adults age 19 and over.

All information on the questionnaire is:

  • Kept strictly confidential.
  • Processed by the University of Michigan where a personal health report is produced.

When you read your HMRC Personal Health Report, you will gain a better sense of the steps you can take to improve your health.


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