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Health Risk Appraisal Follow-up Profile
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for completing your Health Risk Appraisal Follow-up Questionnaire!

The report below is only a sample for demonstration purposes. It is always the same and is unrelated to any answers given in the questionnaire.

Date: Feb 10, 2016; 14:53:40 EST

Next Step Profile

To: Webhra-Demo
From: University of Michigan Health Management Research Center

  1. Your choice on the Next Step Questionnaire for more information was: Physical Activity.

    Based on your answers, you are preparing to make a change in your level of physical activity and we applaud your efforts!

  2. Set a course of action for yourself:

    • Choose an activity you enjoy. Walking is the most natural and perhaps the best way to add regular exercise to your life.
    • Set a start date and begin with regular times set for your activity.
    • Share your plan with a friend.
    • Plan to stick with it for six weeks once you commit.
    • Begin!

Best wishes for health and happiness!

Print out this page, or return with your HRA Follow-up Password to see your report whenever you wish.

Thank you for your participation

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