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Health Risk Appraisal Questionnaire

Before beginning this questionnaire, please have your medical information at hand, including your height, weight, approximate dates of most recent preventive services and health screenings, and blood pressure and cholesterol measurements, if known. While none of this information is required, including it will make your HRA Profile more accurate and complete.

You may submit a questionnaire only when you are eligible. You will be informed of eligibility at the appropriate time. You may return here to see your current report whenever you wish.

Your privacy comes first! Your Last Name and Last 5 digits of Social Security Number are required to confirm your eligibility to use this HRA. Beyond this purpose, your information is considered anonymous. Your personal health information is held in confidence by the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center and is never shared or used without your permission, except in aggregate, anonymous form for scientific research.

Parkwest may receive your identified personal health information for intervention programs based upon identified health risks. Your organization and others responsible for tracking your participation may be informed of your participation (never any personal health information shared) in this HRA for incentive purposes.

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Cigarette Smoking
How would you describe your cigarette smoking habits?
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The Health Risk Appraisal is not a substitute for a medical exam. If you have health concerns or if the report raises questions, please consult your physician or a health professional to review the results with you

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